SWORDART – ALISTAR Support – NA Challenger – Patch 11.5

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#SwordArt (Swordart77777) playing #Alistar Support in NA Challenger 959 LP
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Kills/Deaths/Assists: 3/8/35
Patch: 11.5

Runes: Aftershock, Demolish, Bone Plating, Unflinching, Hextech Flashtraption, Cosmic Insight
Items: Turbo Chemtank, Bulwark of the Mountain, Knight’s Vow, Mobility Boots, Zeke’s Convergence

Blue Team:
– yuuji4 playing Kayn 14/10/10
– Hyper playing Rell 5/15/22
– Iley playing Kai’Sa 19/10/12
– Sophist Sage playing Dr. Mundo 5/11/20
– gigaoutscaler89 playing Gragas 3/8/17

Red Team:
– ASTROBOY99 playing Lucian 2/14/13
– groupofpenguins playing Irelia 12/7/19
– Swordart77777 playing Alistar 3/8/35
– Spawwwwn playing Tristana 19/11/9
– 100 Closer playing Lillia 18/6/26

00:00 Runes, Items & Skills
00:18 Gameplay
09:28 Kill
12:14 Tower destroyed
15:11 Kill
31:02 Kill
36:51 Inhibitor destroyed
36:56 Tower destroyed
36:59 Tower destroyed

Replay of SwordArt playing Alistar Support in Challenger
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