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  • your teaching style is really very clear, no need to pause or repeat the same thing, and without any bkg music its much easier to concentrate.. happy to learn from you

    however, how interface and abstract class will help is in coding, will it shorten our time or will it make coding more manageable or tidy,

    can you show any practical use, as when and why we should use this type of coding

  • Your playlist has really helped me get a solid grounding in OOP. Please Please could you do a tutorial on Dependency Injection and Inverse flow control thing, Not too many thorough detailed explanations out there,
    Thank you for uploading the playlist, Very Good content

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    So, to sum up:

    1. ABSTRACT CLASSES are classes that can not be instantiated. Their sole purpose is to provide common methods and properties (to provide functionality)
    for their child classes to use. If we try to directly instantiate an abstract class, a Fatal Error would be thrown.
    2. Inside an abstract class we can have both regular and abstract methods.

    3. While regular methods have the same behavior in both abstract and regular classes, abstract methods have a different behavior.

    They can be declared ONLY inside abstract classes, and they have no 'body'.
    Once they are declared in the parent class, ALL child classes MUST have a method with this name and scope inside them. Otherwise, a Fatal Error will be thrown.
    4. An abstract method CANNOT be private, since making it so, it wouldn't be visible to the child classes which are supposed to see it.
    So, the only purpose of an abstract class is to force you use specific methods inside the child classes that extend it.

    Is there anything I missed? Pls correct me if I'm wrong.

  • I dont understand the very basic need or practical use of such thing, inheritance, polymorphs, abstract,
    how should we plan when to use these techniques of class like when to tak abastract, when to take normal class and when to use interface


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