[Last Game] When I('m going to)kiss you

[Last Game] When I('m going to)kiss you

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It’s been ages since my last Last Game video so i used up all my strength and colored a few scenes. But i really regret choosing this song xd I always used male songs so i wanted to use a female one this time…but there isn’t any songs what describes what’s happening in Kujo’s head Dx
Yanagi and Kujo haven’t even had a proper kiss yet but who cares…xd

this summer went by so fast and i didn’t really edit a lot :'( I started to make a full mmv with only historical mangas but I’m never going to finish it ToT

and I still don’t feel like editing, I just don’t enjoy it like before :'(
so i think I’m going to take a break for now, except mep and collab parts :’D at least until i came up with something new…
school also starts soon and I’m also lost in Kdrama land and i can’t find the exit :”D

manga: Last Game
song: google it pls xd

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