[General Tutorial #1] How to set-up an AutoHotKey for SA:MP or General use. [L:RP]

[General Tutorial #1] How to set-up an AutoHotKey for SA:MP or General use. [L:RP]

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Hello there,

Yes it’s me again 🙂 bringing you another tutorial but this time outside of San Andreas and into an external programme which will allow you to press a button in game and text or a command will appear on your screen within seconds.

Link to the programme –

If you would like another example of one please feel free to post in the comment section below and I will reply a.s.a.p.

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out our forum,

Code for those who may need it:

SendInput t/me laughs. {enter}

^^ Simple one, change the text to what you want.

SendInput t/me laughs slightly {enter}
SendInput t/do Sweat would drip off of Steve’s head {enter}

^^Little more advanced, don’t forget to change the text.

SendInput t/me laughs slightly changing his vision from the man and truck. {enter}
sleep 1000
SendInput t/do The truck would begin to drive at Steve and he would notice. {enter}

^^ I’d say most advanced one to use in games, remember you can add more timers ( sleep ) if you would like to change it so it follows the rest of the pattern.

Thank you!

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