➜ LOA Gameplay Archer Series #27: Level 50 | BR 88,251 | Viscount 1 Star

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“Hi guys, to check out League of Angels @ AMZGAME please use this link which informs them that you came from my presentation in this video

League of Angels is an epic fantasy MMORPG set in a world plagued by darkness. Free the Angels, and set forth on a journey to rid the land of evil!

Video made by COSMOS from DolyGames.com | youtube.dolygames.com | fb.dolygames.com | gplus.dolygames.com”

27. ➜ LOA Gameplay Archer Series #27: Level 50 | BR 88, 251 | Viscount 1 Star

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  • Cosmos pls pls listen to us!!! There is absolutely no point in hoarding anything! There r no unlimited train events for example, all those angel tears, zeraph stones, blessed stones, souls tones , element crystals, refinement stones ect ect…..u should use them! u will gain over 50k br if u use all those ressources. and btw there is a lucky tree icon on the left, it gives huge rewards so that will b a great way to use ur diamonds, and also gives hundreds of zeraph stones and other items. Also ur gems and socket rods, use them all! All the rules that apply to wartune such as waiting to such gems doesn't apply here. The only thing u should be hoarding is stuff like gem attenpts cause u will need them for tycoon. but other than that, use all items u have! u would b in the rage of 150k br AT LEAST


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